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Review: Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell

Time Mends - Tammy Blackwell



After the shocking and devastating end to Destiny Binds, I really wasn't sure what's going to happen with this book. Am I going to like it, after having my heart broken and gutted out with at ending of first? But then, I couldn't not read it, you know? I mean, I had to know what happens next!

“Tony Stark over Bruce Wayne, but Batman trumps Iron Man.” 

--First paragraph of Time Mends

As it was, I found TIME MENDS to be a wonderful continuation to the first in the series. I was genuinely impressed with how much I enjoyed the characters, the plot and the writing style. 

I kept being surprised at how Blackwell created something profoundly different from nowadays YA books out there. I can't really explain how it was that different, only that that's the way I felt. Good different, which is something remarkable in my opinion. 

TIME MENDS centers mostly around Scout coming to terms with 

Alex's death

(show spoiler)

Which works wonderfully well, as, you know, was dealing with his death as well. She's grieving, in a completely human way which made her seem as blood and flesh as you and me. And on top of all her worries, she has to suffer from great pains over her own injury, which makes her lock herself in her room, shut herself from the world and alienate almost everyone who were once close to her - not that I blame her one bit for it. 

And that injury? Lets just say it leads to a change. A capital C kind of Change. And with that Change all hell breaks loose. Now she has to deal with her loved one's death, being different, trying to save her best friend, and a pack of the mightiest Weres out there wanting her dead. Yeah, great year for Scout...


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