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Review: Slammed by Colleen Hoover

Slammed: A Novel - Colleen Hoover
This book was, in one word... a disappointment
It wasn't that it was really that bad or anything, but I expected so much more since it's gotten such rave reviews and so many 5-star-ratings from all my friends on Goodreads. That ought to teach me; never go into a read expecting it to be more than fine. 

There are two things which make a book: characters and plot. As far as characters go, the two main in this book annoyed the heck out of me me.

The story is told from Layken's POV, and I can't say I was in love with it as the character pissed me off. 
All of her wallowing, thinking he's a jerk, dragging things, blaming her mother, not talking, etc made me want to strangle her... as you can see, I've many complaints about her.
I also think she's got good points; I loved her relationship with Kel, her brother. I loved thatshe could take care of herself, and I loved her conversations with people.

As for Will, I liked him a lot more. First, he's a poet. A talented one, too. Then, he's mature, heputs himself last for his family's sake, he's kind, an awesome kisser, and he really accepts everything there is about Layken. 
However, at a point he pissed me off too; always saying he's sorry to her, or slipping and then promising it won't happen again.... Dude, make up your mind! 

The characters I actually liked best are Kel and Clauder, Layken and Will's younger brothers. Those were a couple of awesome kids! Simply loved the both of them to death. Especailly Kel, whom we've gotten to see a lot more of as this book was told from Layken's POV. 

As for the relationship between Lake and Will... 


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