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Review: Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell

Destiny Binds - Tammy Blackwell

What a wonderful start to a series. Probably one of the better shifter books I’ve read, though a little heartbreaking. I will admit – I cried for a bit there.


The main character, who tells the story, is Harper “Scout” Donovan. She is an awesome character, in my opinion. She was funny and sarcastic, smart and logical, honest, strong and loving. It also seems she’s not from the girls who think they’re not pretty while they are. She’s truly weird looking, but she definitely catches the eye. I quite honestly don’t get why she doesn’t have many friends; she is plain awesome. Too bad not everyone see her as such.


Alex is the new guy in town. He was so sweet, charismatic, nice, caring and loving. Also, I mustn’t forget beautiful, hot, with a set of killer dimples. He is kind of the perfect guy, and I loved him, the way he behaved and acted around Scout. She's pretty much the center of his world, andwho doesn't want her guy to treat her as such?


Jase is Scout’s step brother, whom she has been together with since they were tiny babies, and he isinfinitely awesome. I loved the relationship between him and Scout, their banter and their devotion to one another. How they’re thought of as “twins” even though blood-wise, they have no relations. I envy their relationship.


Talley is Scout’s best friend, and she’s another very awesome character. She is the kind of person who sees the best in everyone, and who knows Scout and her family like she knows herself.


Charlie is Jase’s best friend and cousin, and...


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