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Review: The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski

THE EDGE OF NEVER has been such a pleasant surprise! If you recall, I was not enthusiastic about Redmerski's writing in The Mayfair Moonher debut novel. But this time, I thought it was fantastic! You can see how her writing got better with each book she wrote, I guess :-)
Anyway, I loved this book. I loved the characters, the relationship, the plot-line... It was great!

NATALIE HAS BEEN TWIRLING that same lock of hair for the past ten minutes and it’s starting to drive me nuts. I shake my head and pull my iced latte toward me, strategically placing my lips on the straw. Natalie sits across from me with her elbows propped on the little round table, chin in one hand.
 --first paragraph of The Edge of Never

This book had what I call a "slow start". It took me about 20%--right until Andrew showed up--to really get into it. But once I did, I was unconditionally drawn into the book and couldn't pull out until the inevitable: the book ended. *sniff sniff*

Camryn is the female main character of the story, and she tells about 65% of it. I liked her character; I love how she loved completely and unconditionally, her spirit that longed to roam, and that she wasn't afraid to tell her friend the truth - even if said friend reacted stupidly. Besides, I'm thankful to that friend. It made Cam meet Andrew, didn't it? :D

Andrew is such an amazing person!! OMG, I absolutely loved him!!! He was so sweet and charismatic and caring and plain sexy! I really enjoyed reading the parts from his POV, and wish they were longer. 

As for the two of them together...


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