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Review: Crush by Lacey Weatherford

Crush - Lacey Weatherford

I really enjoyed reading CRUSHIt was a fastfun read with two main characters with chemistry to spare, a bit of creepiness and a nice twist to the all known hot-bad-boy-falls-for-the-goody-two-shoe.
The story is told from two POVs; Hunter and Cami's.

Cami is... well, she's kind of me, (which means she was very easy to relate to) only she's hot. You probably have no idea what I mean; Cami is that girl in class who always listens and takes notes, who never talks back to a teacher or cut class or party or do drugs or any of those things. She's a goody-two-shoe, only she's beautiful and she isn't even aware of it.

I liked her and her attitude - she couldn't care less what others thought of her friends, as long as sheliked what she was seeing.

Hunter had just moved into town, and he's everything Cami knows she doesn't want; he hangs with the "bad crowd" - wild parties and drugs and everything. 
But he's also sweetcaringfunny andsmart, and for some "odd" reason seems to like her, a lot. 

And of course, they can't help the attraction between them.

Clay is Cami's best friend. He's a total geek, though something in him changes while reading the book. He becomes more muscular, starts to dress more fashionably. Quite honestly, I didn't like him from the start. With a character like Hunter it's hard to like the pushy best-friend.

As far as romances go, theirs was...


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