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Review: About Last Night by Ruthie Knox

About Last Night - Ruthie Knox
This book was such a surprise because it was absolutely amazing! I loved everything about this book, from the writing to the plot to the characters, and I strongly recommend it for those, like me, who like a good romance and a scorching couple!

I loved Cath and Nev (poor him, getting a name like Neville!) 
There was just something so endearing about Cath; how she could basically win over anyone with her spunk and personality, but had no idea of her worth. How she tried to stay away for all the good reasons, how she simply couldn’t. The way she behaved and the way she talked.
And Nev… well, he was simply charmingsweetgorgeous and wicked in bed. What’s not to like?

I loved their relationship; aside for the emotional part—how they fit and how they behaved and loved one another, how it built and how it came across, I have to say one more thing about their relationship (if you recognize the quote you get a virtual hug): 
Holy Hawt Chemistry, Batman!”
There were never truer words.

I love their relationship and them in general so much that I cried for them. It was simply heartbreaking! (and I'm not usually a crier...) 

I was also so sad for them because of Cath’s condition. I hope they’ll somewhat raise a family anyway (and yes, I’m aware they’re not real people. Shut up. They...
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