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Review: Unmaking Hunter Kennedy by Anne Eliot

Unmaking Hunter Kennedy - Anne Eliot

Let's start with saying this: UNMAKING HUNTER KENNEDY without a doubt one of the cutest books I've ever read (to this point). I am still grinning. And that sappy ending *giggle giggle* love it!

Hunter Kennedy is a famous pop star. The kind girls get all incoherent around; textbook good looks, abs to die for, eyes to dive in... perfect. But Hunter doesn't feel perfect. He feels depressed... which leads to all kind of stuff that lend him in Colorado, spending his time under the disguise of Dustin McHugh

I simply adored Hunter/Dustin's character. He wasn't mean, jerky or full of it at all. Even when he spoke of stuff that made others consider him "being full of it", he explained quite nicely how that really wasn't what he meant at all.
He was just sweetnice and funny, and I loved him. The guy deserves sooooo many hugs!

Vere Roth is a cute, geeky girl. She is pretty much a reject in her school because she has what I call super-blush-attacks, and she get's so embarrassed by them she can't talk or breath properly when they happen. 

She was sweetshy, full of excitement about everything in life - ice cream, heart-shaped rocks, water... She approaches everything with...


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