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Review: Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks

I've long known that Maya Banks is a master of writing, so it came to me as no surprise that this book was absolutely fantastic! I could feel every character, the plot was engaging and interesting, the writing outstanding--as always--and I was left with the widest grin on my face at the end - despite the fact I nearly cried on more than one occasion in this book.

I've always rather liked the whole theme of love-after-marriage. There is something rather compelling about a couple of people brought together by... well, for lack of better terms; fate and destiny. It's like God himself intervened and made sure these two people got together - whether they want to at first or not. 

And Never Seduce a Scot has exactly this theme and a couple perfect for each other.

Eveline is the heroine of the story, and she's one unique character. First of all - she's extremely adorable. Every time she smiled cutely and then patted Graeme's cheek I grinned like mad (Still am!). Then there is the fact that she's... well, deaf. As in - she can't hear. It was so unique and amazing to read about such a person, more so because Eveline's condition is based on Banks's husband's hearing condition. 

Aside for that, Eveline is just the sweetest, kindest soul out there, but she wasn't weak or meek. She knew what she wanted and she went for it with all her strength. 

Graeme... Well, yum. Do tell me where I can find highlanders like this. He's this...


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