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Review: Angel Baby by Leslie Kelly

Angel Baby - Leslie Kelly

I found Angel Baby through a friend's blog, My Life Through a Book, and I am exceedingly happy to have decided to pick it up. So, thank you Elle for letting me know about this adorablesweet and loving story!

This story has everything you can ask for; great leading characters, a romance to melt your heart with, a steady pace and the most adorable baby out there.

Claudia is an inspiring leading female. She's lost her husband and had to go through her pregnancy all on her own, yet she still holds strong. She puts her baby, Sarah, ahead of everything but never once complains about it. She's capable of great love and kindness, and she's proud, but not to the point that she refuses to listen to others because of it.

She was very sweet and I loved her!

Sarah is Claudia's infant daughter, and one heck of an adorable baby!! *Squeak* she is too cute for words! The characters tend to call her "Angel Baby" because of her angelic face, but beware this little kid once she gets moving. She's fast as lightning and likes stairs too much for her own good :P

Chase is yummy. Sorry...


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