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Review: All for You by Dana Marie Bell

All For You - Dana Marie Bell

At first, I really didn't know what to make of this book. I disliked the way it started, and felt rather confused by a lot of things. But at the end, I ended up enjoying it and even looking forward to reading the next book in the series, which I assume will be of Abby and Seth's friends (as already you can detect two upcoming couples).

As I stated above, I didn't like the beginning much. It felt rather stuck and awkward there. Maybe we should've started with Abby, or made the entire thing more interesting and exciting, as we did talk about hunting Shem. But something in it was just missing. The farther I went in the story, though, the better it got.

Abby is the main female character. I liked her enough, even though she cried and shattered a lot, because of the past she overcame. She may not have contributed much to the situation--sometimes making it worse by making a move only an extra on a horror movie set would make--but all things considered she took things better than imagined. The way she reacted to Seth's secret proved she is not a weak kind of person, even if sometimes she seemed that way. 

Seth is the main male character. He has this cavemen vibe going on with his protectiveness  but as Abby was threatened I think that was understandable. Aside for that he was sweet, kind, sexy and... well, angelic. Pun intended. 

I thought the romance of the story was well done. I had some issues with it, such as ....


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