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Review: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures  - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia

Beautiful Creatures has been on my to-read list for... well, basically forever. But for some reason, one that I can't explain, I never read it. But with the hype over the upcoming movie, I decided it was high time to read it.

It was a good book, one I can certainly see where all the love to comes from. The only reason I'm not giving it higher stars is because it took me about ten days to read it. I usually read books super fast, to the point my friends think I'm some kind of a machine, so when it takes me over a week to read a book...
The book was interesting, but once I put it down I wasn't tempted or compelled to open it up again straight away. In fact, one time I actually put it down on my table and picked it up three days later. 

The book was well written, interesting and had good characters.

Ethan is the main male character, and he's the one who tells the story. It was really interesting to read a story from a male POV (especially as the authors are females) and he was a very good main character, because he was very human and easy to relate to. He's kind, loving, and stubborn, and I really liked him. 

Lena is the main female character, a Natural Caster (controls the elements) and a girl who is....


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