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Review: Compromising the Marquess by Wendy Soliman

Compromising the Marquess - Wendy Soliman

'm a fan of historical romances, and I think Compromising the Marquess might be one of my favorites so far - so you should definitely check it out!
My affection for the book mostly has to do mostly with the characters and the romance of the story.

First we have Leah who is a girl from low statues; curiouslovingcaringintelligent-- With her parents gone, she has no choice but to sell secrets to keep her and her sick sister afloat; even if she rather likes the people she's gossiping about. 

Two things set her apart from the common heroine;
One - she was not beautiful. Not ugly by any means, but Leah Elliot is not a beauty to be reckon with. She's just a person, who's personality sets her apart from everyone else; she listens to no one, has opinions of her own (and she's not afraid to tell them), she is courageous andunashamed--everything a "lady" isn't. 
Then there was the fact she had prior knowledge of the sexual process through her readings, which really set her apart from the normal virgin heroine.
And I really loved her for all those.

Second there is Hal, who is a swoon worthy guy. Aside for being totally...


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