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Review: Existence by Abbi Glines

Existence  - Abbi Glines

I know many people will hate me for this (please don't kill me), but I absolutely hatedthis book. You may notice I don't hand one-stars easily; in fact, I hate giving books that rating. There are barely any books I disliked enough to do this to them. This is one of them. 

The summary for this book was so promising, I was sure I'd like this book. 

But it all went downhill from about the moment I read the characters' namesI know it sounds silly, but names like Pagan, Leif and Dank kind of put me off. I could've ignored it, had the rest of the story been good. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like good characters make good stories. Not always, of course, but often enough.

Pagan, was not a good character in my book. I truly and honestly couldn't figure out what either guy saw in her. Not to mention I found her soul far from "beautiful".
She was okay at first, but from there she turned to horrible very quickly.
Prepare yourself for a rant.
First - Pagan uses Leif. She claims to have fallen madly in-love with Dank, yet kisses and messes with Leif just cause he's "real". I hated this about her. Not to mention it made her a stinking cheater. 
Then, there was her...


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