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Review: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer

Edward's back , Bella is no longer pathetic (though as depended on others as ever), and all is well with the world again! Well, except...
We still have that annoying love triangle *deep sigh*

Eclipse was a lot better than New Moon plot-wise, but I wish the whole Bella x Edward x Jacob didn't exist. 

I might not have mentioned it in my previous reviews of the series, but I hate love trianglesI believe one can be attracted to two people in the same time, crush on two people on the same time and definitely lust after two people in the same time. Love, though? I don't believe that. 

Some books handle the love triangle well - that is to say they manage to write it in a way I don't mind it. Unfortunately, Eclipse is not one of these cases.

Considering the Twilight Saga deals with the supposedly ultimate love between Edward and Bella, it's even more aggravating that Meyer chose to push this series into a love triangle. How can you expect us to believe, as we did in Twilight, that these two truly have the purest and deepest love, if Bella herself doesn't seem so sure of that? In fact, she's so unsure she falls for another guy! 
I didn't stomach this well, to say the least.  

This book yet again lowered my impression of Bells. For someone who basically gave up living the moment Edward was out of her life, she is very... 


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