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Review: Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep

Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy) - Jennifer Estep

Touch of Frost was a fast paced, interesting story set in a curious world with a nice cast of heroes and a likable "voice". It was good enough that I "stole" pages in class; reading in the middle of it because I wanted to know what happened next. But I also found myself frustrated at the book many times. 

Gwen Frost is the main character and the voice of this story, as it is told from her POV. I liked her enough as a character; she likes comic books, she's funnyintelligent and she is the "normal" girl in quite an abnormal surrounding. 
However, her indecisiveness at times, lack of self confidence and the way she pretty much put herself at the bottom of the food pyramid were parts of her I cared little for throughout the story. 
I was also very frustrated with her because she didn't believe in all the gods and mythical wars, when mythical creatures literally walk the walls of her school and, gasp, she's one of them!
How is it possible not to believe in all that when you see and practice magic everyday?
And then, there was the fact it took Gwen too long to figure out things. I, for one, figured out who killed Jasmine--

or rather, who didn't

(show spoiler)

--a little bit after Gwen felt nothing of the body and found the ripped photo. 
Now, that would be fine because sometimes the reader is meant to figure things out before the hero, except...