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Review: The Mayfair Moon By J. A Redmerski

The Mayfair Moon - J.A. Redmerski
This book was a major disappointment to me. I heard so much good things about it, from people whose opinion I hold in high regards, and it disappointed in almost every aspect.


Update: I've read 3 other books by Redmerski so far. I loved her writing style in those. I think that because this is one of her early works, the writing wasn't that good, but she is a fantastic writer today.


I will start with Redmerski's writing style, because there lay the main problem I had with the book; I hated it. It made me cringe at parts, and for me it didn't flow, caught in my ear and was simply awful. I sometimes wondered if I were reading the same book my friends did, because they flattered Redmerski's writing, whereas I hated every bit of it.
The writing got easier to ignore the more I got into the plot, and I do feel like it got better when things began to happen, but it was a major turnoff and the main reason it took me three days to read the first 20% of the book.
Also, the writing took the edge off parts. Like in the beginning; the werewolf attack. As a reader, that was not scary at all, which is a shame. It's something that obviously had great impact on the characters, so I would've liked to be able to understand it. Instead, all I could think about was that they were acting over dramatic... 
I will say there were parts I liked, mostly...