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Series Review: Alpha & Omega by Patricia Briggs

Alpha and Omega - Patricia Briggs Cry Wolf  - Patricia Briggs Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs
Alpha and Omega is one of my favorite series, and definitely my favorite werewolf series ever.
The series follows Charles Cornick and Anna Latham, a couple of werewolves and mates, on their growing relationship and the situations they overcome in their lives.


Anna was a normal girl until she was attacked by a werewolf and changed violently and against her will into one, even though changing someone against their will is illegal
Anna knows nothing about being a werewolf; her pack kept her ignorant to keep her obedient, abusing her. The things Anna goes through are cruel, evil and terrible, but on the bright side, we don't witness any of it first hand. 
The thing which makes Anna different than the rest of the werewolves? She's an Omega - a wolf outside the rank structure of the pack who can also calm the other werewolves. 

Charles  is the Marrok's son (the alpha of all north american wolves) and enforcer. He's the one the Marrok sends to take care of troubles; put down Alphas' that have gone crazy, remind the Marrok's subordinates of the rules and making sure no one breaks them. Everyone is scared of Charles, both for being the enforcer and for being one of the strongest Alphas in north america, and he rarely shows tender emotions; unless Anna is involved.
He's an old werewolf, the only one in existence born werewolf rather than made. 

The Writing for the entire series is crazy good, and I just love it! something about it is just so engrossing and capturing. 

The story really begins on Alpha and Omega/On the Prowl, a companion novel to the series...


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