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Review: To Kill A Warlock by H.P Mallory

To Kill A Warlock - H.P. Mallory

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Alas, another book I was just glad to be done with (but luckily no money involved with this one), and another one I can't be bothered to write a pretty and well organized review for. You'll have to deal with the messy, or not. Your choice…

I've been so excited to read a H.P Mallory book since she's been on my authors-to-check list for a while, and even more excited when I got this as a free kindle book from Amazon!
Let's just say the excitement died pretty early on. 

I couldn't stand the writing. Something about it just caught in my ear and made me wince, made me grit my teeth and hope this would be over soon. I can't even tell you what about it guaranteed such an extreme reaction, only that it did. Maybe it was Dulcie's voice itself that was the problem? I think I will be giving another of Mallory's books a try (though not any time soon) to check that out.

While reading this book the question why the heck am reading this book kept popping into my mind, flashing in...