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Review: Dancing with the Devil by Keri Arthur

Dancing With the Devil  - Keri Arthur

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This review will not be divided into sections, simply because I can't be bothered. In the end, I was just glad I was done with this book, and sad I ever spent 8 pounds for it.

This book was filled with dull moments. I mean, even the parts presenting themselves as action were boring. The heroes kept getting into traps and nearly dying, never succeeding, always in pain…it gets boring, real fast. Plus, how stupid can you be – always falling into traps? Couldn't they put up a trap of their own, at a point? I'd have liked them better for it.

Some parts really made no sense. Michael, the male main character of this story, found the whereabouts of the villain about half a dozen times, always ending with fade-to-black and some obscene notion "it's time for the hunter to become the hunted" and stuff like that, but when we came back to him – Jasper (the "evil dude") was still at large, Michael had done nothing to him and suddenly had to look all over again for him – WTF? Why didn't he do anything when he found him, killed him right there and then? And then suddenly you expect us to believe it's very difficult to find Jasper?...

Then there were the...