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Review: Switched by Amanda Hocking

Switched  - Amanda Hocking

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Let's just say that this is one book I rather forget I read. It's widely loved, so I know I'm the minority with this opinion, but it just pressed all the wrong, most aggravating and infuriating buttons for me. 


First there was the insta-love alert. Then the annoying heroine alert. Multiply personality disorder alert, and obsessive love alert. And those are only the ones I counted. So, if any of those are really not for your tastes—as they weren't mine—this is probably not the book for you.



I admit – this was an interesting choice of supernatural beings; trolls of all things! Of course, Hocking's trolls are the farthest thing away from the big, ugly boulders of rock or whatever we're accustomed to. In fact, they look like humans – only more attractive. Because ugly boulders just won't do as main characters, and we all know it.

But aside for that, this book drove me mad throughout the first 100 pages or so, only getting better when...