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Can Authors Write TOO Much?

In today's discussion I'm going to raise an interesting question, which I confess I had never thought I'd write/ask;



Most authors write one to two books in a year, and almost never in the same series. Sometimes, we're left weeping over the wait - but with so many other books out there, we deal fine, I think. Our TBR piles are longer than the Great Wall of China as it is. 

But some authors go above and beyond on this aspect, and write 8-10 books a year; sometimes more. 

I know. Exactly my reaction.

Some statistics: 

Jennifer L. Armentourt has got six books currently scheduled to publish in 2014, and she keeps coming up with new story ideas. This year alone, she's got 8 books (some already published, some to-be) and... (To read more, click the title)
Source: http://drugscalledbooks.blogspot.co.il/2013/10/can-authors-write-too-much.html