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RANT Review: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (TON of Spoilers)

Hush, Hush  - Becca Fitzpatrick

Let's get this out of the way: people who loved "Hush, Hush" will not like this review. This is a negative review--if you can't take my opinion (and this is just my opinion, folks, you don't have to agree with it) being different than yours, please don't cause yourself any misery by reading it. I am saying this for you - because I am going to rant and rage hard here. You've been warned.




This book is quite possibly the biggest disappointment of my year. It says, right there on the cover, 'The Hottest Book of 2010'. Millions have read it, and loved it. I hoped to be the same. Alas, I've no freaking idea what you see in this story.

I don't even know where to begin! So many stuff pissed me off about this book!

But I'll guess I'll start with my two biggest problems. The characters and the romance. Since each one of them deserves their own spotlight, I'm going to even give them headers! Aren't I so giving?



perfectly expresses my frustration with this character

What can I say about this girl? For starters, she's the stupidest 'smart' girl I've ever read of. She gives us all studious people a really bad name, but there you have it - getting good grades does not mean you have common sense or a speck of intelligence (or that you're even that good at school. I mean, since when do you do research on a subject by reading one freaking article? Even Bella from Twilight knew to look at more than one.)
Examples to her stupidity (possible spoilers)... 

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