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Review: Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers

Dark Triumph was a great and interesting historical story with a paranormal edge to it. I enjoyed the history, the relationship and the emotional ride.

The thing I struggled with most during the read was trying to recall all the events and people from book 1. I read the book not that long ago, and still I forgot most of it. I cannot imagine how difficult this might have been for people who read Grave Mercy when it first came out. 

The amazing Recaptains helped jog some of the details in their wonderful recap of book 1, but I still felt lost at times.

So, my advice to you is either you read this two books back to back, or do a re-read of Grave Mercy before attempting this one. Or, if you're too lazy like me, go to the Recaptians and just ignore the bits that confuse you LOL

Anyways, while Grave Mercy was filled with political intrigues, Dark Triumph was a... (click title for more)
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