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Fade Out (Morganville Vampires Series #7)

Fade Out - Rachel Caine Before reading this book, I completely forgot what this series does to me. Mainly; smiling and grinning like crazy, biting my nails, laughing out loud, and cursing. Those are all excellent things. It took exactly 14 pages for me to remember that vividly again. Fade Out, just like the rest of the Morganville series, is a fun, action-packed, sweet, hilarious book. It didn't take me more than three hours to read it; the pages just flew by. There is not a dull moment and something is always happening... even when you think it doesn't!If you're just learning of the Morganville vampires, the story follows Claire, a 17 years old genius who finds herself going to college early in a city called Morganville. Oh, and of course she has to fight vampires, befriend vampires and generally save the entire city from vampires and the occasional (or rather frequent) wacko on the way. No big deal...To read the rest of the review, go to my blog here