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Touched by an Alien

Touched by an Alien - To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!First read: May 28-29, 2012Second read: May 31-June 1st, 2013The Kitty Katt series are one of the funniest, funnest, most action packed and romance filled series out there... there is simply nothing not to love about it. Highly recommended for Charlie Davidson (by Darynda Jones) fans, as it has the same kind of humor, kick butt heroine and sizzling romance. "In real life, there are no superheroes.Of course, this doesn’t mean there are no superpowered beings.But never fear—I’m on it.Yeah, it doesn’t sound all that comforting to me, either."--Kitty.The story is told from the POV of Kitty, a regular girl who gets sucked into the world of aliens and super-powered beings who want to wreck havoc and chaos of earth. She is smart, clever, quick on her feet, funny, kind of dense at certain places, always ready to move and rather uncomfortable with doing nothing. She is super funny and super awesome, though a fair warning: she is also slightly too perfect. It's not that as a character she is too perfect, because she has her bad traits, but in this book she is always right, always realizes the plan, always finds the mistakes others--much smarter others--have not notices, always makes the crazy plans that work remarkably well, even when logic says they probably shouldn't.It makes her one kick-butt, awesome, strong character, but at this book it felt slightly too much. Don't worry, though, I can promise it gets better with the next books!“My crazy's working a lot better than your sanity.” --KittyTo read the full review go to my blog here!Old review:So, I both liked and hated this book. A weird combo, not necessarily a bad one. Let's start - the beginning was horrible, not in the traditional way, but in a way that everything she described about the courthouse and her first superbeing should've been super action-y and cool but somehow, with the writing style, ended out as something kind of boring without an edge. It was something that on one hand described something full of action, but didn't feel like it at all – which bothered me. I was a bit afraid it will remain that way for the rest of the book—and perhaps it did, but I just got used to the style. I found myself enjoying the conversations quite a bit. Love the snarky comments from Kitty and Christopher and Jeff's random marriage proposals, and I loved Jeff in general. I was really pissed about the whole Christopher-likes-her-too thingy, but was glad it didn't really interfere with Kitty and Jeff—there was never a real love triangle, which I was eternally grateful for.Kitty's character was a bit difficult for me. Oh, I liked her plenty – badass woman, who somehow ends up saving all those aliens on more than one occasion and almost always has the right answer. Every feminist's dream. But that was just the problem with her – she was just a bit too perfect for my taste, enough to sometimes make me wonder if she herself was some sort of alien. Almost always calm, almost always find what those who've been dealing with the parasites for ages haven't, almost always with a plan—and her plans almost always—scratch that, always—work. She is a tid bit too perfect, it's almost like she was born for it all, and even if someone has the talent for all this things (not aliens things, just being in a special organization) I doubt that without training and proper education they'd be even close to the level of capability Kitty shows. Love that she's such a strong woman, but it is still a bit unreal to me. I liked her relationship with Jeff—true, it took her full two days to fall in love with him, but it was still really sweet. And Jamie. God, I loved Jamie. Truly disappointing that he's gay. Another awesome guy snatched to the other team. I swear, they take them all!And I loved that it talked about Jews and the Holocaust and Nazi's and all that, and was pretty against it. I'm Jew (now, there, all people with prejudice, don't go hating on me, please. I get nervous easily). I wasn't expecting that from a popular series, and was thrilled to read about. I liked the message, it is such a good one. It's like telling people "don't be prejudice and hate the other for no reason other than his religion" but without getting their defenses up.What sounded really far-fetched to me was the fact all planets had similar beliefs and religions. That sounds completely odd to me. Why would stars million light-years away have a similar opinion and story about life and the creation of it as we do? And it's not just the stars closer to us – those much farther away, like the Ancients', too. A bit hard to buy. I'd expect they'd have a completely different set of values, stories, beliefs and culture. In conclusion; I wasn't the biggest fan in term of realism (yes, even fantasy books need to sound real, as odd as it may be) of the word Koch creates, and as much as I loved Kitty I couldn't relate to her in the way I could other characters, who sounded more real to me, but I did enjoy the story, the plot and the ideas.I will keep reading this series. It's entertaining, fun and somewhat refreshing.