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Alien in the Family

Alien in the Family - Gini Koch First read: May 30-31, 2012Second read: June 3-4th, 2013As always, a fun, funny, action pack and romantic story, filled with crazy adventures, crazy villains and royal surprises. As always, Kitty is extremely awesome, Jeff is protective, jealous and hot, Reader needs to turn straight, ACE is adorable, Chuckie is much more likable and many many more...The most mention-worthy addition to the cast in this book are the Poofs, also known as The Cutest and Most Useful/Adorable Pet In The Universe, SQUEE! The second is MJO, AKA Mister Joel Oliver, a reporter who starts stalking the gang. The most interesting part about this book is probably the whole new aspects of Hybrids we find out. It's came as a surprise the first time I read the book, but an intriguing one.Another awesome part was finding out about all the different planets in the AC system, where the ACs come from. They were all kind of crazy and cool. And ~sigh~ their wedding and all that ensued. So sweet. Then there was that ending. *squee* so happy for these two! For this review and more go to my blog