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Alien Diplomacy

Alien Diplomacy - Gini Koch To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!First read June 2-3, 2012I loved this book, same as I did the last installment.It was refreshing to see them (and by them, I mean Kitty) figure out the scheme only at the very end, though some of the bad guys were really obvious. I mean, the minute Kitty said she didn't mention Bernie's call because she was unlikely to have anything to do with things - I knew she had to be one of the bad guys, which turned out true. Leslie was obviously a villain once she trotted off with Kitty at the party, and I thought it was just darn right embarrassing how Kitty was thinking anagrams and it took her so long to figure it said Leslie--even though it was just in front of her. Leslie's brother (what's his name) was more of a surprise - not because he wasn't quite clearly a bad guy, but because I didn't figure the whole sibling thingy. About Madeline... I felt it was too bad she was the bad guy, like Kitty did. Hoped the only girl with the other annoying guys Cooper was part of was good. Well, guess we can't have feminism everywhere, when we have a kickass female hero.There were some simply amazingly hilarious moments in this book. One of the most noteworthy was the whole threesome idea with Vance and Guy. I was laughing my head off at Kitty's reaction and how everyone came and told Vance and Guy that she was having an affair with just about everyone in the AC, and they couldn't have her. When the guys described Jeff's reaction, it was just priceless. I also found it so funny when Jeff shared Reader and Paul were getting all the compliments in the situationAs always, I loved all the characters; Jeff (he was one of my instant faves from the first book, btw) and Kitty, James (instant fav, as well!) and Grower, Richard (I love him and Kitty together on their missions. They fit really well and it's so funny with the "Rick, honey" and "Kathy, dear" parts that get to Jeff), Chris, Tim, Jerry, Chuck, Angela, and everyone elseLoved seeing MJO taking a bit more active part of the story; have been wondering when he'll take it and whether he'd become part of the gang since two books ago when he first showed up. Was thrilled to finally meet Caro. It's great to finally have met all of Kitty's friends. I don't think I've ever mentioned it before in my reviews, but I've been looking forward meeting them all since they were mentioned in book one. Charles was not one of my instant faves, though I'm quite fond of him now (they have to get him a girl! I kind of hope it'd be one of the Gower girls. My suggestion? One go with Charles, one with either Len or Kyle – depends who Adriana will choose), Amy was okay in the last book (and happily found her mate in Chris, who I was hoping will get a girl) and finally now we had Caro. I hope she and Michael stay together - I'd love for him to settle down.Wonder what's going to happen with Len, Kyle (who I loved to see again) and Adriana - can't have them both date her, can we? Maybe she has some nice sister, or something.Finally, I resisted reading the sneak peak for Alien vs. Alien, somehow. I really wanted to read it - but it would've been torture to wait after that. I can't wait for it. This series had actually gotten better with each book for me, and I want more!BTW - Jamie is the cutest thing, ever!