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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion To my utter shock and bewilderment, I absolutely adored this book! Warm Bodies was everything I thought it will be and more. Much more. It's filled with depth and emotions; fear, love, confusion, hate, hope. Beautiful words and writing, together with characters that will blow your mind away.I've never read any Zombie books before, as I'm not a fan of the creature itself or the gore that usually follows in it's wake, but after watching the movie's trailer, I couldn't resist. I am so glad about that! If you're like me, worried and reluctant at the prospect of brain eating Zombies, fear not and read it!This is a story of change, and how it happens in three simple steps: Wanting. Taking. Living.This story grabbed me from the first sentence. It is beautifully written, very flowing, engaging and captivating. I was surprised by this, because in my prejudiced mind good literature and Zombies don't really go together. Stupid, I know, but this is my first Zombie book, so I hope you'll forgive me.Anyway, the hero of the story is R. He's a zombie. And not a vegetarian one (and he doesn't sparkle in the sunlight, either!). At first, he's just like all the other Zombies, more or less; he's got deeper thoughts, thoughts that make him feel to us, who are in his head, as alive as anyone can be. He's more human than the rest of the Zombies are, but he can't express his thoughts. He acts like all the rest of them; groans, moans, and wonders aimlessly in the space. And most importantly - he can't resist The Hunger, that need for human flesh. Which is why he is such an unlikely hero. What's more unlikely, though, is how much you'll love him when you read this book. And it's not even a character you grow to love. It's a character you fall for instantly...To Read the Rest of my Review Go to my Blog; Drugs Called Books