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The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues Series #1)

The Maze of Bones - Rick Riordan This was a fun, nice book to read, but that's all it was.It didn't compare in my eyes to Percy Jackson, the Heroes of the Olympus and the Kane Chronicles - all which I love and have a spot in my "favorite book series". Rick Riordan is an author I love. He has this way of combining a large amount of wit, great characters and depth with a marvelous plot that captures you. His children books are not only for children, as well. My uncle, 40+ years old, have read all the series mentioned above and enjoyed them immensely, as well, which goes to show the genius of Riordan. Which is why I was a bit disappointed with this book. The beginning of this story didn't suck me in like the rest of his books. I kept thinking this wasn't as good as the rest of his books at the beginning, roughly the first 60 pages or so. It picked up nicely, but there was still something missing... I can't really describe it – but it was not It for me. I am still going to read the next books, because I can't abandoned a series once I've started (unless I can't finish one of the books, which is not the case), and I'm really interested to see how the different authors will affect the writing style and characters.