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Book Review: Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop

You don't know this about me, but I don't buy full-priced kindle books. I wait for discounts or buy a physical copy because I love physical copies and if the kindle version costs more than a PB... Imma get the PB, you get me?

This book is the only exception. I tried to resist. Tried to wait to February '16 to get the paperback copy. But then I just broke down and clicked that buy now button and I regret nothing even though my wallet is not speaking to me at the moment! 

Vision in Silver was so good. It had everything you could ever wish for and more. It's amazing how with every book I notice more and more reasons to adore this series.

The thing that really stood out to me in this installment is the realization that not one character is wasted. A lot of books, they bring in characters to adorn the pages but not be anything other than pretty decoration. Not in The Others series, a point driven home in Vision in Silver. 

Every character that enters the page has a meaning, a role. And no role is a small one. Characters that were...