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Anime Review: Asura Cryin' | Less Boobs, More Plot Please!

Asura Cryin'
6 out 13 Episodes, dropped
Aired: Apr 2, 2009 to Jun 25, 2009
Followed by: Asura Cryin' 2

Action, Mecha, Supernatural

Natsume Tomoharu is a normal high-school student in every way with one exception: he's being followed by the ghost of his best friend, Misao.
After moving into his brother's old house, Tomoharu expects to continue living his normal life but is one day left with a mysterious and locked briefcase without any instruction. At first he plans to leave it in storage; however, his house is soon invaded by multiple groups of people after the briefcase. Although still not knowing the purpose of the briefcase, Tomoharu and Misao attempt to escape with it.
From there on, Tomoharu tries to learn the secrets behind the briefcase, the connections between it and Misao, and why it has the power to change the world.
The main trio, wearing their best face imo

Once upon a time, I used to religiously watch anime. And by that I mean I watched at least six full anime a month. You could say that's all I did the years I took a break from reading. And then, I re-discovered books and took a step back from anime.

One of my goals in 2016 is to clean my currently-watching list of anime (some of them all the way back from 2011). In order to do that, I'm basically re-watching the anime because god help me but I remember absolutely nothing of some of these.

The first one I'm reviewing is Asura Cryin', a fantasy/sci-fi/rom com type of anime. That I didn't even finishbecause there is so many better things to do with my time than force myself through pointless episodes of a pointless anime.

Both in my original attempt to watch it and this re-watch I ceased my attempts at episode 6, which is halfway into the series. And if by halfway into it I still have no idea what it's supposed to be about, then that says something.

This series opens up with Tomoharu, our protagonist, moving into a new house with his friend Misao. The ghost. Just another day in the household, I guess. Then we meet an assortment of characters (from Takatsuki to Shuri), none of which stand out in any way. They're all very one dimensional.

Then, the first episode ends with a high-note of what appears like it's going to be an epic battle with machines and firearm and fire powers and--Nope, the second episodes starts the next morning, all chill and relaxed, opting to let the tension fizzle into nothing and let everyone be all calm as if nothing even happened. What?