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Book Review: Doing it for Love by Cassie Mae

Doing It for Love - Cassie Mae

This review is going to be slightly different than my usual thing, because this book just inspires this type of feedback.

I honestly want more stories just like this in literature; 

Stories that make you smile so widely and so often your cheeks hurt, but in the best way possible. The kind of way you don't care because dammit, I really needed this. The kind of smiles that linger for entire scenes. That make your entire face scrunch up.

Stories that show established couples just... being happy, living their lives, dealing with silly couple-stuff - not epic misunderstandings/angst/pain. Things you can relate to. Things that make your heart occasionally ache because of how normal and real they are without being overly dramatic or nerve-wrecking.

Stories with couples who are fun, and funny, and teasing and you can't imagine them anymore apart than their friends can, because they are just that perfect for one another and you never once doubt their relationship. Their love. Their rightness.

Stories that make you so damned jealous...