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Review: On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

On Dublin Street  - Samantha Young

On Dublin Street is a book I was wry of trying. It has many, many 5 star reviews (such as this one), so I was super afraid it will disappoint. But, oh boy it didn't. It really didn't. I enjoyed every bit of the ride, and I'm looking forward to reading more of Young's stories in the future!

It was super surprising to find out this is Young's first attempt at adult (or New Adult, based on the definition of my New Adult Challenge) from a long set of Young Adults. It was written amazingly well, with gripping plot, wonderful characters and a romance well built, well written and well executed. She should've tried this sooner, is all I'm going to say :) 

The voice of the story is our main character, Jocelyn, also known as just Joss. Joss has... issues, to put mildly. Issues that resulted mostly of her family's untimely death. And those issues married other issues and had little issue-children. And all her issues could've made her annoying... if she wasn't working on them. But she doesn't just sit around, Joss is trying to change the way things are, seeking out help, and due to that, I never found her annoying, even when she was doing things that made my heart ache. In fact, I respected her more for it. Not once did I think ....


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