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Review: Ceremony in Death by J.D Robb

Ceremony in Death - J.D. Robb

Yet another wonderfully written book from J.D Robb, aka Nora Roberts. As all of her In Death series there is a wonderful mix of action, suspense and romance. 
This time, the investigation centers around Wicca and Witchcraft elements, giving the entire book a supernatural feeling that is bound to appeal to those, like me, who greatly enjoy fantasy, but also enough science and "reality" so it doesn't repel those who don't enjoy fantasy. It's fantastically balanced.

As always, we've got Eve investigating. I love watching how with each case, Eve trusts Roarke more and becomes more accepting to the notion of using him in her investigations. This time, she openly makes use of his abilities as she can't use her department's, and I love comparing with Eve of book 1, who'd never agree to that without a fight, or even Eve from book 4, who would've still grumbled about it. Eve just keeps evolving!

That's not to say I don't get annoyed with her. 80% through the book I was screaming at her that she's being stupid (which she totally was, btw!) and that she should listen to what her heart tells her. She. Just. Wouldn't. Listen.

Roarke is as wonderful as ever, and we keep learning new stuffs about him. For example, he believes in...


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