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Review: Charade by Nyrae Dawn

Charade - Nyrae Dawn

CHARADE was a really good read and I enjoyed it! It had a really good plot, nice characters, some hot damn chemistry, great writing, and it gives hope for the future, something I personally adore.

Cheyenne is the heroine of the story. She has a bad case of abandonment issues and panicattacks that no one knows of.  She's all about pretending and keeping other's at arm's length.
She's weak, yet strong. Cold, yet loving. She has the biggest heart out there, but she keeps it under lock and key.

I liked her enough, though I honestly connected more with Colt, oddly enough.

Colt is a pretty sexy guy. Everybody calls him an ass, but I didn't think he was that much of a jerk, and most of the time he was extremely sweet to Chey. He acts all tough, but inside he's pretty vulnerable. 

I don't know what exactly there is about him, but I could connect a lot better with him than with Chey. She often seemed... a bit stupid. But I really liked Colt, even though sometimes all of his cursing made me cringe. He was just so sweet to Cheyenne, mostly when she wasn't expecting it, and his reactions felt very true to me.

Adrian is Colt's best friend... sort of. I like this character and am intrigued by him - so it's pretty awesome that the second book in the series will be his. He's a lot more "bad, dangerous, messed up boy" than Colt - actually doing...
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