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Review: Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren
I'm really happy I chose to read this book even though I wasn't the biggest fan ofBeautiful Bastard, because this one was a really good surprise. 
Beautiful Stranger tells the story of Sara and Max. 
Sara had just came out of a bad relationship, one that pretty much made her doubt the male species and their ability to keep it in their pants. So, she's not looking for a relationship. In fact, she wants to belong to herself and herself only, at least for a little while. She's been some one else's - someone who didn't even love her - for too long already. 
So, she's never planned to let Max, the gorgeous Brit she meets at a club, enter her life and her heart. Max is charming, kind. He's so in-tuned to her that he knows what she wants and likes when she herself doesn't even know what it is. And he's the one to fall hard and fast for her, and to wanteverything
Quite frankly, I liked these two a lot more than I did Bennett and Chloe. 
Max is...
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