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Review: Codename Fairy Godmother; Reassigned by Tanjlisa Marie

Reassigned - Tanjlisa Marie

The world Tanjlisa created in CODENAME FAIRY GODMOTHER: REASSIGNED was so unique, like nothing I've ever read before. It was so complex yet easy to follow. Truly, world-wise, this book is a five star. 
But, there were some things that bothered me and prevented me from giving it a four or higher, and the last two chapters really ruined Thunder (the heroine) and the story for me. 
But more on that later.

The World

As I said in the beginning, I found the world of Codename Fairy Godmother absolutely fascinating and unique. I can safely say I've read nothing like it. 
Those fairies? They're not like the ones you read of in normal books. They grant wishes for kids--for a small price; the child needs to give another kid the same as he was given before his 32nd birthday, if I remember correctly.
The fairies have a planet of their own; one where it's always night and sand stretches for as far as the eye can see. 
There are only females on that planet, and they feed on Fairy Dust - no food or drink otherwise. They all live and breathe their jobs; be it to grant wishes, or make sure adult humans pay back their debt. 
And those fairies? They don't understand love, remorse... their emotional capability are very limited--or so they are led to believe....


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