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Review: Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare

Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare

I did not expect to like HARD EVIDENCE half as much as I did. I knew it'll be a nice, fun, quick read to pass time with, as EXTREME EXPOSURE, the first in the series, was. But I never expected it to be be more than that. Imagine my surprise, then, to find out just how much I loved the characters and the story of this book, as well as the writing and the romance. So much so, that I finished it in one sitting! 

Nicely played, Mrs. Clare.

And to think I nearly forgot to review this one! Bless my soul...

This book starts off with a bang - quite literally.
One moment Tessa is buying coffee, the next a girl flies into the small establishment and the third - the girl is dead, and Tessa is left feeling she should've done something.


Well, she wasn't able to save the girl, but she would make damned sure her killers are brought to justice - no matter what it takes.
She is smartcaringstubbornresourceful and refuses to yield to anything, all of which makes you respect and like her. She's so very...
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