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Review: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Obsidian is a book that has taken over Goodreads like no other. Every group I went to; it was there, stalking me, rearing it's head, whispering for me to read it. But I was afraid to... what if I didn't like it? Oh, futile worries. Because I adored this book. 

Obsidian was a great, great read; fun and quick with a good amount of action and character development and a standard plot line that was handled in a different and lovely way.

Girl moves next door to a couple of beautiful yet odd siblings. The guy is drop-dead gorgeous, and also an "I want to make you drop dead, period" kind of guy. ie: jerk. 

Sounds familiar? Yeah, we've all heard of something similar before, but there is something different about Armentrout's story still.

First, there was the romance. Katy, the main character and Daemon, the bane of her existence, bantered and fought constantly. They also had sizzling attraction, but in the fight between attraction and annoyance, annoyance won most of the time. 

Katy knows exactly what she wants - and that isn't someone like Daemon, who half the time appears to hate her and behaves like the greatest asshat she's ever met. And those small times she thinks she might be seeing the real Daemon aren't enough to change her mind, even if she likes what she sees in those glimpses. And I absolutely loved her for that.

And at the same time, Armentrout managed to convince me of something many YA books fail at...