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Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa

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Before Reading
The Iron King has been on my To-Read list probably for as long as the book existed. I read the summary years ago, thought it was interesting and marked it as To Read (this is when I still didn't know of Goodreads and relied on the Amazon buying lists to remember what I wanted to buy).
I never actually got around to reading it, for a reason I can't explain. Possibly, it's because it talks about Faeries, and those have always been one of the least attracting super natural being to me. I don't even know why, I guess probably because of Tinker Bell and the normal portrayal of Faeries in my childhood stories ~shrug~
Anyway, a friend suggest we read a book together, and we both thought it was high time we read this book.
I guess we're both very happy about that suggestion.
The Plot
I haven't actually read the summary before marching into this read, not in the last few years anyway, so I came into the reading completely blank. I didn't know what the expect, and I was surprised by what I got.
The world of this book reminded me a lot of Wicked Lovely, with the faeries, courts, and the ending. However...