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Review: Immortal in Death by J.D Robb

Immortal in Death - J.D. Robb

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After finishing Glory in Death, I just had to read the next one immediately. I think I might’ve enjoyed this one better if I took a little break between this one and the former. Still, that's not to say I didn't like this one - I just didn't like it as much as... 

The Plot
We left Eve and Roarke with a marriage proposal in GLORY IN DEATH. And, luckily enough,Immortal in Death begins with the most adorable and funny exchange between Eve and Roarke about their upcoming wedding. Aside for making me grin like mad (though luckily no one was in the room to question my sanity), it also confirmed that Eve has accepted.
But nothing is ever simple for Eve Dallas. On top of wedding preparations—of which she is scared stiff, I might add—she’s got to deal with a couple or more murders, clear Mavis, her best friend, of said murders, and deal with the one thing she has always ran away from: the memories from her childhood, the eight blank years of her life.
This book might talk of murder and some of the harder things in life such as child rape, abuse, drugs and all that (which is also the reason I won’t recommend it for the weak hearted) but I don’t think I ever grinned so widely. 
J.D Robb really knows how to balance the ugly with the good, the cute, and the heartwarming, through the little parts in between the investigation, quirky dialogues and absolutely loveable characters, and she does it in a way that pins a smirk on your face, heavy subjects or not.
The Characters