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Rock and a Hard Place by Angie Stanton

Rock and a Hard Place - Angie Stanton

OMG, I'm so glad I chose to read this book! I've known about Rock and a Hard Place for a while now, always planning on reading it but not quite getting there, until I saw it was being picked up by a publisher and decided to buy it on a whim. Now I'm just sorry I didn't get book 2 on the same whim! >-<"

There is only one way to describe this book: Adorable. Like, seriously! So cute~

The story deals with two very different people, Peter and Libby, who meet one day, and each comes out from that meeting feeling a little... different. They each free and sooth something in the other, causing an attraction and a relationship to grow.

The summary actually describes both their situations very well, so I don't think I need to elaborate on that. All you need to know is, both were really good characters. Libby is easy to relate to, and even when she does something that's not quite socially accepted, you will not be able to be mad at her, partly because of how human she is, and partly because of the way she handles it. 
Peter is so very down to earth despite his mind blowing position, and if anything, the fact he likes the music and not necessarily all the attention that comes with it makes him a very good character to read of. 

I think this GIF is pretty much PERFECT Peter and Libby ♥

The book is mostly about their romantic relationship (and what it does to both of them), which is pretty Instantaneous (it's basically love at first sight), but it's different than most relationships out there. First, they both draw strength from the relationship; Libby finds the will to stand for herself, and become more assertive. Peter writes deeper songs, and finds renewed energy now that he has the solace of Libby's company. And they're both so sweet and cute, bracing a long-distance relationship and working it out. 

The second thing, which is much more important to me, is a spoiler, so I'm going to put it behind a spoiler tag. Read only if you want! ;)

Half way through the book, something happens that separates these two soul mates. The beautiful, and unique, thing about this book was how they dealt with the separation.

In countless books we watch the main female character fall to pieces because of the break-up. No such thing for Libby. Instead of letting their time together drag her down and slip into depression (Bella, anyone?) Libby chooses to draw strength and power from the wonderful memories she has with Peter, which enables her to become an independent, strong woman who knows what she wants and gets it. She doesn't let their time together become something bad and dark. I cannot express the amount of love I have both for Libby and Angie who wrote her for choosing this path, which is a path I completely agree and approve of.

On the other hand, it's Peter who breaks down and becomes unhappy. He still does his job like a professional - he doesn't let his broken heart bring him down, either - but he's desperate to find Libby and help her and protect her. Watching a guy so damn in love with a girl was just heartwarming!

(show spoiler)

This book was just so good. I read it in one sit, it flew by so quickly! And when I was done, I instantly wanted more! I cannot wait to read Adam's story, the second in the series, and then Garret's (which Angie is working on as we speak! SQUEE!) I loved the characters, I loved the plot, I loved how everything was handled... Yep,  recommend you read this book, stat!