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The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan (Book 1&2 Spoilers)

The Kane Chronicles, Book Three The Serpent's Shadow - Rick Riordan

The Serpent's Shadow is classic Rick Riordan; insanely funny and hilariously crazy, smart and clever. Riordan is a MUST author in the realm of the books, and all his books are a delight to read.

Seriously, Riordan can do no wrong in my eyes. His books teach of actual mythology in a fun and engaging way, making learning... easy and effortless! Teachers out there can learn from this mastermind. I don't know about you, but I love when books teach me new things without me feeling like my brain might fall out at any moment (i.e: history class in high-school. So glad I'm over that >>")

Not only that, but I know I have a lot to thank Riordan for, because alongside Twilight, it was the discovery and reading of the Percy Jackson series that got me back into reading, and his books haven't disappointed once.

thank you, Rick

Now that we're done with the praise and compliments, and my rather lame try to convince you to read his books, lets move to the review... (Click title for more)

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