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I'm just a girl who loves reading more than life itself. A day without a book is a day gone wrong, in my opinion :) Looking forward to meeting new people, talking to them about books and spreading the bookish love!

Let's Make It Legal - Patricia Kay Find this review and more on my blog, Drugs Called Books(Due to copy and paste formatting lost)This was a great and surprising read!This week was a bad week for me; I was sick (still am, but I'm much better - thanks for asking) and for the first time in a long time I simply didn't feel like reading anything.I opened maybe four books this week, closing all after two or three pages, and it was driving me crazy!And then I found Let's Make it Legal. Let's just say (pun intended) I never expected it to be so good.Let's Make it Legal is not a complicated, overly dramatic story. And that's probably what was so charming about it; because it was a story that didn't need to make heaven and hell happen to capture the reader and it's heart. A story that didn't need to be action packed and keep sending problems every few pages or so to keep us hooked. The simplicity and honesty of the book did it enough.Simple yet Sweet, as I'd call it.The Characters in the book were easy to identify with and easy to like. They were just a couple of people; one a driven woman with self confidence issues when it comes for her looks, having been raised by her father as the son he never had, the other a caring man who after his wife's death pretty much hid away from the world and did everything in his powers to be with his children as much as he possibly can, including opening a business from their own house.John and Sydney were real people. And like real people you sometimes got annoyed with their actions, but couldn't help but forgive them a few seconds later, especially because both were often very quick to understand they were wrong.Their Relationship moved rather quickly, with the two falling in love after a few weeks of seeing one another. Usually that might bother me, but there was enough development with both of them and you could feel their love that it didn't. Their actual relationship was extremely sweet. John is such a sweetheart and Sydney was rather cute, despite the iron maiden persona she has at work. I loved reading about it, and loved even more that there wasn't an excruciating drama every other page - just their relationship, just their lives, just normal but troubling worries, such as how can they continue to be with one another in the long run when their life styles were so very different. The Writing was very well done and captivating, another reason I liked this simple, honest & sweet story so much (yes, I've been repeating these words a lot about this book. They just describe it so well!). I actually finished this book in one sitting, partly because the writing just flew so well I didn't notice I was reading so much. Combine the characters, the romance, and the writing and you get one excellent book, very enjoyable and easy to like. One that despite being simple can make your heart clench and refuses to let go of you until you finish it. I'm so very glad I opened this book because I believe it was just the pick-up I needed.About the warning... I told you in the beginning of this review there was "light adult content" here. Sydney and John are adult people, therefor there is sex. The act is described very lightly (not very explicit) once in this story and that's it, therefor I believe a lot of people who find adult content not to their liking can enjoy this book still!