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I'm just a girl who loves reading more than life itself. A day without a book is a day gone wrong, in my opinion :) Looking forward to meeting new people, talking to them about books and spreading the bookish love!

My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!Kaylee is just a normal teenager... or is she? Apparently not, if the screams wailing in her throat--the ones that she can't stop, which come side by side with the sight of certain people surrounded by shadows and the morbid but absolute knowledge they are going to die, and soon--are any indication.She is bent on keeping her abilities--or insanity?--hidden, shutting and never letting the screams - but fate has something else in store. Like making her encounter such shadowed, doomed person in the middle of a bar, right next to the hottest guy in school - Nash Hudson. She thinks everything is lost after Nash sees her breakdown (thankfully, she thinks, she managed not to scream) – public humiliation, isolation, mental facility, you name it and it will happen. Except… it doesn't. That Nash person? He doesn't laugh at her, doesn't call her crazy… he calms her down, as unbelievable as it sounds – something no one and nothing, not even the medications doctor tried to give her – did.And he seems to know something, something about who, or rather what she is. And when young, beautiful women started dropping dead—literally—with no apparent reason, Kaylee will have to learn and face the truth, because she can stop whatever it is that happens. All she has to do is…Sing.Okay, now to the real review of the book:I loved it. Ahem, Ahem… okay, that's not my best review yet, I guess, but it gets better! I loved this book for plenty reasons. First, it was full of suspense and action. I mean, even when it wasn't packed with it, there was never a dull moment, and things moved swiftly and quickly. You couldn't just put it down, because every time you turned the page over, you found out more intriguing information or saw that something had happened, and you just had to find out what it was, find more. More, more, more. Second, I loved the romance. Nash and Kaylee are so sweet, and the author wasn't afraid to make them kiss. A lot. Their instant connection and relationship nearly made me forget how quickly it all happened… nearly. It always bothers me how quickly the relationship evolves, but I guess in Nash and Kaylee's case I have not many complaints – I just loved their romance, and was itching to see more of it. The death, reapers (as in, grim reapers) and the rest of the supernatural stuff added to everything, and fit nicely and perfectly. This book literally filled all my favorite genres, I think. I was a bit (okay, much) sad with the ending. It was truly tragic in a way, and I hated to find out who was the killer, in the end. I was screaming "No!" in my head. I didn't really see it coming, too. Sure, there were the signs. Thinking back on it I could clearly see them, but I really didn't want her to be it. Now, I am dreading what I have to do next. I've decided before reading this novel that I'll have to put at least a month between reading each book, if I wanted to survive the waiting for the last one. I could see, when I reached the middle of My Soul to Take, that this will become one of this series I'm addicted to, and if so, the wait will be painful. It's better to wait between books, knowing that I could, if I wanted to, go and buy the books, than gulp them all in a week like I'm used to and wait, knowing I had no choice but waiting to the final installment. The choice thing makes all the difference, I guess. Must be a psychological thing. So now, I have to wait. I want to see more Nash hotness (I mean read, of course), but I won't. Because I'm strong willed like that, I guess. Nitzan out.