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I'm just a girl who loves reading more than life itself. A day without a book is a day gone wrong, in my opinion :) Looking forward to meeting new people, talking to them about books and spreading the bookish love!

Artemis Fowl  - Eoin Colfer To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!Well, Artemis Fowl has been on my To-Read list for about... six years, when I was twelve myself. And, in all fairness, had I read it back then I would've enjoyed it... not so much now, though.The only reason I picked it up--aside for the conviction I had to at least read the first of this loved series--was because I found myself in school, waiting two hours for a friend to finish her class - and was bored as hell. A quick swift around the library proved to come up with nothing interesting to pass the time with, aside for Artemis Fowl, and so I figured I can kill two birds in one stone - pass the time with a book and cross this one of my list, once and for all.It wasn't a very good way to pass the time, though. It is not a bad read, but I can't say it was a good read, either. I had to struggle with the pages, while chanting to myself "finish this book! Don't give up!". The fact I had to convince myself to continue lowered the stars dramatically.The idea behind the characters is intriguing enough, I'd give it that; A genius criminal of twelve years old, fairies and Centaurs, Trolls and Bodyguard butlers... But I had not seen any development in any of the characters, and felt that many times - the book was plain boring. It got to a point where I said: Okay, I won't be able to read this book at home while I have so much better things to read, and I started reading through this book, a few pages at a time, in school breaks and free periods, where I had nothing else to really do. That says something.Again, in all fairness, I would've been pretty satisfied--even given it more stars--had I read it when I was twelve, which is the main audience of this book. But I didn't, and at my age, 18, this was no longer something I could really enjoy reading. Too bad, really, but hey - at least it's off my list now...