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I'm just a girl who loves reading more than life itself. A day without a book is a day gone wrong, in my opinion :) Looking forward to meeting new people, talking to them about books and spreading the bookish love!

Before The Moon Rises (Ritter Werewolves, #1) - Catherine Bybee To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!Hmm... This was... nice, I guess. It didn't capture me as The MacCoinnich series did, and it felt somewhat rush. I also felt like there wasn't much going on, and things were kind of anti climactic... The bad guy was much too easy to defeat, his threats that he'd hurt Janet actually came to nothing and it just seemed... I don't know. Not as much as I know Bybee is capable of. I loved the ending, though;"“I love you, Janet O’Brien. Marry me.”“This is crazy!”“Marry me.”“I’m in love with a dog.”He smiled, not missing her words. “I’m a wolf.”“I’m going to be Mrs. Wolf.”His lips tugged, his dimples flashed. “You’re going to be Mrs. Ritter.”"I think this should've ended here, without the last three sentences after this. It would've been a perfect ending that way, in my opinion.