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I'm just a girl who loves reading more than life itself. A day without a book is a day gone wrong, in my opinion :) Looking forward to meeting new people, talking to them about books and spreading the bookish love!

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake - Sarah MacLean To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!The most amazing thing about this story is how much I could relate to the main character, Callie. The insecurity, wishing someone would find you beautiful, the wish to leave the coward life behind, to change yourself and for once in your life live, and the love of books, are things I know and feel. It made me feel hopeful that I will get my happy ending, as well, and made it easy to pretend I were in her place.She was someone so thoroughly human, and lovely in every way. I don't often find that I love the females in books. I like them, sure, but not often love. Callie, however, I thoroughly adore. There is just something about her. And her choice in men is very yummy, indeed...One of the things I didn't like--or at least had me sitting in my chair, gripped with fear and wishing the moment will never come--was the whole wager thing. I knew, just knew, that at the moment of happiness for Callie it will come and bite her in the ass (a fine ass, if one should take Gabriel's word for it), and I didn't want to see either her or Gabriel hurt, which of course happen. Stupid man and their stupid pride... This was an excellent read :)