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Highlander Most Wanted  - Maya Banks For this review and more, pop by my blog - Drugs Called BooksReceived a Copy from Ballantine Books via Netgalley. Thank you! Another stunning historical romance from Maya Banks. If you haven't yet read the first book in the series, Never Seduce a Scot, do yourself a favor and go read it (or my review of it ;-]) before reading this. It'll sort the names out in your heads, plus... well, it's a series... And there will be spoilers for the first book in this review. Anyway, this time, the darkness level is up, but with it the sweetness. We have a heartbreaking story that brings hope to my heart that they'll all end well. We're back with the Montgomerys and Armstrongs, right after the last book ended. Graeme's brothers and Eveline's brothers go to seize the McHugh keep and kill their Laird after what they've attempted to do to Eveline. What they find there is a bunch of sorry people and a woman who's been imprisoned by Ian McHugh when he was alive and suffered a lot of abuse from him. This woman is Genevieve McInne. She is a strong and fierce woman, who somehow survived horrible abuse without having her spirit broken. That's not to say that she wasn't badly wounded emotionally, but she was not without her fight. This woman will earn your respect and admiration throughout the story, if she doesn't have it from the beginning. If Ian hadn't proved to be a complete and utter scum from the first book in the series, Never Seduce a Scot, he's definitely earned the title with this one. I am disgusted by this man and find myself wishing, together with about 90% of the characters, that he was alive again so I could inflict horrifying torture on the man before killing him again. The things he did *shudder* Then there is Bowen Montgomery, brother of Graeme, and Genevieve's love interest. He's a big, strong warrior who says the most beautiful things once he figures out he's in love with Genevieve. There is just something about big muscular males reciting poetry and giving you the most beautiful compliments (that man from our time would never dare say out loud) that make me all tingly inside. He's as good a man as Graeme, his brother, and I believe you'll all love him. My heart ached for all the misunderstandings going around. I wished Genevieve just told him the truth, and all of the truth, from the beginning, though I understood why she didn't.It was most frustrating for me because I had a strong suspicion I knew what she was hiding, especially in light of what Ian had told Eveline when he kidnapped her in Never Seduce a Scot. It was beautifully tied together from the first book, which I loved. It made sense, showing us that nothing Banks writes is without thought.But, really, Genevieve and Bowen were a really cute couple. The ending was extremely adorable and I couldn't help but grin!This book also laid the ground for one of the next couple in the series; Brodie, Eveline's brother, and Taliesan, the only friend Genevieve made on the McHugh keep. I already think this is going to be a sweet couple and I can't wait to read it! Too bad I'm going to have to wait a year... minimum. *sniff*After reading this book, I have a feeling I now understand a bit about this series. This series deals with imperfections. Be it a disability or a visual blemish, the females in this series are not perfect. I think Banks chose the females to highlight their strength despite those imperfection. Whereas her other series dealt with beautiful women, here are beautiful women who are forced to deal with something the hinders them, and even if said things mars their beauty, they become even prettier to us and their literature partners because of them. It is a beautiful thing to behold.