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Fever (The Breathless Trilogy #2)

Fever - Maya Banks I adore Maya Banks. Her Historical romances are some of the best out there. I will pretty much read anything she writes. However, from all the series of her I've read, this one is my least favorite, and I usually love possessive, controlling Alpha males. Bethany is homeless. Broke. Hardened by the rough streets and yet breakable. She is delicate, fragile, scarred inside. She knows there is no such things as miracles, or fairy-tales in real life, and she knows there is no such thing as 'happily-ever-after' for girls like her. The fight for survival is never ending and constant in her world.Because of all that, she can't understand why a guy like Jace, who is rich, handsome and can get any woman he wants, probably whenever he wants and where he wants, would want with her. Let alone love her, care for her or want to keep her safe.But it seems like that's exactly what Jace wants, and that he's going to make sure of it whether she wants him too or not. Sure, he'll go slow at first - or as slow as a dominating guy like him can go - but ultimately she'll be his, completely...To read the rest of the review go to my blog here!